The Paint Thickness Gauge and free app make the perfect pair to easily measure and analyze automotive or industrial finishes and coatings.

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To use the gauge, simply install the app on any iOS, Android, or Windows device. Then, open the app and press the power button on the gauge to connect via Bluetooth. Once there, you’ll be able to make a quick scan – just hold the device down on the surface you’d like to measure. From the measurement screen, you’ll see information about the surface you are measuring. The screen will tell you if the surface is steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum, and you’ll learn the thickness of the coating. You’ll also have quick access to app settings.

For a more in-depth analysis of an entire vehicle, you can use the app’s “Reports” feature, found easily in the main menu. With this mode, you can enter information about the vehicle you will be analyzing, and then create a detailed report. The app will guide you through the process of scanning multiple points on each section of the car. To measure one point and move to the next, you just press the red “Save” icon. Once you’ve measured all the points on the car, you’ll be able to save the report. You can then analyze and share the report instantly from your phone as a PDF file.

The free app also gives you a history of all your measurements, a detailed diagram of measurement points on different body styles, and an easy to use buyer’s guide for quick analysis of any vehicle.

In the app’s settings, you’ll be able to fine-tune the Paint Thickness Gauge’s function to fit your exact needs. You’ll also be able to easily calibrate the gauge and synchronize measurements with a remote server.

The paint thickness gauge and free app combination make for the most reliable, economical, and easy to use solution for your vehicle measurement and analysis needs. And, with the industry’s leading speed, accuracy, battery performance, and a two-year warranty, you’ll never have unnecessary stoppages or downtime.

Our goal is to provide the best tools on the market, for customers who value quality and reliability. Because of this commitment, we believe the Paint Thickness Gauge will be an integral part of your toolkit.

Our Gauge Other Gauge
Reads measurements along suggested measurement points on an auto body sketch Yes No
Wireless Bluetooth communication Yes No
Generates instant reports and statements Yes No
Directly exports data to email from the app Yes No
Private labeling options for the gauge and app Yes No
Multilingual menu Yes No
Designed and manufactured within the EU Yes Costly Models
Warranty 2 Years 1 Years
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