The person behind creating this tool has 40 years of experience in auto body industry and cars restoration on the global world market. The basic premise of this tool is to provide accurate measurements of gaps in the shortest possible time with accuracy, simplicity and at an affordable price. Current repairs and car panels are done visually, which is unreliable and time consuming.

Roughly 2/3 of body technicians incorrectly set gaps when replacing the fenders, doors, gates, hoods, deck-lid, headlights, tail lights quarter glass, windshield, back glass of a car. Gaps set too small rub the panels against each other, while gaps set too big cause wind noise and leaks.

The only device that was previously available was the Porsche tool that was difficult to get a hold of and extremely expensive. Gaper is the only tool of its kind in existence that can set car panels in seconds with exact precision. We are convinced that this tool is more useful for high-end body shops where technicians are more accurate and more precise.

After the prototype and patent was made, market research was conducted in the US and EU, mainly in auto body shops. The results were more positive than expected.

The product is make from the highest quality material and craftsmanship in the EU, Aviation Valley and Aerospace Industry. Gaper is a new tool that started selling exclusively in EU where we continually see increased interest. We are working with some of the largest tool companies in EU. We want to point out that despite the fact that the tool was recently launched we are very interested in finding new customers outside of the EU as well. In addition, we are in the process of implementing and obtaining patents for other innovative, essential tools for the auto body industry.

Our goal is not only to ensure the availability of this tool in the auto body shop, but also in car manufacturing factories.